Words by Bernardine Walrecht - Arian Brekveld graduated from the Eindhoven Design Academy in 1995. His objects can without exception be called stylish, without resorting to lavish design. The clear, crisp lines create an almost sober design with a timeless value, which is in part defined by the thorough research and a tasteful and intelligent use of color and material. Brekveld doesn’t stick to a fixed design process, but allows spontaneity to inspire his work: “Every product requires a different approach. Finding the right path is a design process in itself”. 


The boundaries within which he operates, mark the extremes in the design field. Simultaneously, he works on small craft -fair trade- products up to high industrial airplane seats. Because of this broad approach, his designs find their way into collections of prominent brands, as well as purchases for collections from various museums.


Brekveld has the capacity to start a conversation and a process with clients and manufacturers. His extraordinary empathic ability allows him to explore the circumstances and possibilities of a company, brand or manufacturer. He learns to speak their language and approaches his target in a friendly yet decided manner, convincing other people to explore the boundaries of the production process together. This characterizes Brekveld’s specialty: a combination of an idea and an innovative, competent execution that leads to the attractive, seemingly simple and functional products with added value.

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