Blue Collar Bottle No2 - Edition

In 2012, Brekveld designed the Blue Collar Bottles series for Royal Delft. The Blue Collar Bottles were inspired by 17th and 18th century cabinet pieces, lavish decorated cups and vases that were placed on cabinets and mantelpieces. Now, 10 years later, Brekveld was asked to design a special edition with hand-painted artwork. For this edition, the designer chose Blue Collar Bottle no. 2 from the existing series of three bottles. Together with the hand painters of Royal Delft, a new decoration was developed that is painted all around the bottle. The hand-painted work, with many traditional elements, emerges from the well-known textile collar and hangs naturally around the neck of the bottle. The decoration is alternately painted densely and more openly, creating a varied image. In addition to the traditional Delft Blue, a second edition in traditional and colorful polychrome hand-painted work has been developed. These paintings, combined with the minimalist shape of the bottle and the soft textile, makes this design a contemporary showpiece.

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