Saigon Lacquer Bowls

2014 - This series of bowls were made by the same group of craftsmen that made the other lacquer products of the collection, with the same precision and dedication. The sharp edges and the combination of colors give the bowls their very own character. ‘Before I went to Vietnam for my first weeks of research, lacquer art was just one of the techniques from my list that I wanted to investigate. But actually, I was really excited when I first saw the Vietnamese lacquerware in true form, especially in combination with the process of its making. After the initial visit to the first lacquerware workshop I was very enthusiastic. The quality was superb and there was a sublime level of craftsmanship in the paintwork. What I did not know is that the quality could reach even greater heights; that these designs are, in the end, so beautifully executed is not obvious. I visited at least five workshops in the north and south before eventually starting to work together with the best craftsmen in laquerware’.

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