Saigon Lacquer Trays

2012 - For Imperfect Design, Arian travelled several times to Vietnam, to develop products with craftsmen. One of the resulting products is the lacquer tray. These lacquer trays are handmade individually with great precision, it takes 16 individual layers of lacquer to produce the perfect end result. Thanks to the shape and use of color in these trays, the precision of the lacquer has the optimum effect. Arian: ‘I think the trays are most special because they show a lot of special opportunities that the technology brings with it. I cannot think of another technique or method of production that would make these items as perfect as they are. The trays have three colors which are seamlessly positioned next to one another. The inner form is hollow, which is only possible if the worker makes the pieces individually and by hand. Furthermore, the inside is so incredibly polished that it almost appears as a liquid.’

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