Saigon Laqcuer Low Tables

2012 - Like the other lacquer products, these low tables are processed with 16 layers of lacquer. Each untreated product is preprocessed with a few thick basic layers, using a natural mixture of oil and gypsum. This 'primer' produces a smooth basis on the rough wooden shape. The piece then undergoes the following process: drying, sanding, filling, then painting, followed by more rounds of drying, sanding, filling, then painting until there are about 16 layers in total. In this process, the sanding is done with tiny pieces of sandpaper by hand, without the aid of any machines. It takes a minimum of five years before the craftsmen master all stages of the process. a great deal of skill and sensitivity involved in order to achieve the right result. For the final finish, the actual polishing is done with the palm of the hand, followed by the application of a very fine clay used as a polishing paste. 

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