Touch Of Blue

2012 - Words by Louise Schouwenberg - Unlike the Blue Collar Bottles, whose ‘function‘ primarily is to do with their lack of function, the Touch of Blue tableware is intended for everyday use. The design is timeless and smooth, a severity that is interrupted by the soft round shape at the bottom of each piece. By varying the proportions, Brekveld was able to create flat and deep plates, and small and large bowls easily. There is no excessive decoration. “Decoration and eating don‘t go well together. In addition, food looks best on a white surface. However, a refined aesthetic detail does add something extra”. The subtle decorative additions refer to traditional glazed paintings and appear to be part of a larger pattern. Although they might remain unnoticed in that larger whole, they now receive the attention they deserve, an impression that is reinforced by the relief in which the motifs are placed.

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